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TED(Technology Entertainment Design)は1984年にアメリカで始まった非営利団体です。
“Ideas Worth Spreading”(広める価値のあるアイデア)の精神のもと世界中にアイデアを提供し、毎年開催されているTED Conferenceでは世界中から優秀な思想家や実業家などが集まり、科学やビジネス、グローバル問題まで様々な分野について18分以内のトークを行います。
TEDxとは、TEDの“Ideas Worth Spreading”(広める価値のあるアイデア)の精神に基づいて世界各地で独自に運営されているプログラムです。
そして、TEDxイベントではTED Conferenceに勝るとも劣らない、素晴らしく幅広い分野のトークを生で聞くことができ、各地の人々が一緒になってTED 本体と同様の体験を共有することが出来ます。

TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is a non-profit organization established in America in 1984.
In line with their core motto of "Ideas Worth Spreading," TED sponsors ideas and gathers thinkers and visionaries alike from across the world in TED Conferences conducted annually. There, prominent speakers from a number of fields discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from science to business to social issues in lectures lasting 18 minutes or less.
Previous TED talks have included notable personalities such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates and former US President Bill Clinton.
TEDx is a program that is independently managed all over the world based on TED’s spirit of “Ideas Worth Spreading.”
TEDx events are made possible through a special license provided by TED. The x of TEDx means “independently.”
While TED handles general event guidelines, TEDx event planners have full freedom to decide the content of their event.
Therefore, participants can listen to inspiring talks that maintain the standard of quality expected of TED events.